Has Anyone Worked For Bill & Diane Lampe / Lampe Companies?

Has Anyone Worked For Bill & Diane Lampe / Lampe Companies?
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February 23, 2011

Has anyone worked for Bill & Diane Lampe / Lampe Companies / National Agents Alliance (NAA)?
During the past several months, I have come across various ads from State Farm and Allstate insurance companies, offering opportunities to come work for them as Insurance Agents, with no experience, with offerings to even set you up in your own business, with your own office, at some future date upon you proving yourself. However upon doing a Google search about this, ex-Insurance Agents that have answered those ads and worked for either company have painted some tales of horror of what it was like for them to work for either company, where they ultimately ended up having to quit after working for several months. So upon reading what I read, I opted to skip trying my luck at either company.
Now fast forward . . . while reading the Want Ads over the past two weeks, I have come across an insurance company (Lampe Companies), and they seem to have a few thousand online ads for “Health Insurance Sales Agents” in cities all over the nation that they have posted during the last 2 weeks alone. In their ads they state: “No cold calling because our lead program is so strong that we continually have too many direct mail and call in leads, and never enough agents. Agent and management opportunities immediately available across the country.”
I can’t imagine that as bad as our economy is, that people are making a beeline to buy insurance.
Though it seems there are no up-front cost and they offer all kinds of free training, however it sounds too good to be true . . . especially when I have read the many horror stories (via a Google search) of those ex-Insurance Agents that worked for State Farm and Allstate, where both companies don’t tell you up front that you MUST HAVE good personal credit in order to work for them, then when you go to work for them as an agent, you will have to pay “x” amount of money per month for all of the expenses to work in an office (i.e. training, your desk, use of office equipment, etc.). Yet both companies push agents HARD to sell! sell! sell! So if you don’t make enough sells per month to at least cover your monthly expenses of working in their office (they could care less if you have no take home money as long as you pay your monthly office expenses), they will soon terminate you. Yet some of the former agents of those 2 companies said basically nobody is standing in line to buy insurance, so their managers pretty much told the agents to badger own their family and friends, in order to drum-up business.
So I was wondering (if you have any affiliation with Bill & Diane Lampe / Lampe Companies) do you have to pay any money at any time to work for Bill & Diane Lampe / NAA company? If so, what is and how much are the extra stuff you have to pay for? Also is this company a MLM? Does their company actually sell insurance of any kind? Are there really that many leads, where this company needs to hire all of these new agents? Do they make your badger your family and friends to try to get new business?
I could not find anything on their company via searching the Better Business Bureau website either, so it seems that they have no BBB file. Yet again, this company sounds too good to be true. Yet via doing a Google search, I could not find anything negative about Bill or Diane Lampe.
NOTE: I am posting this question in a few other Yahoo Answer sections, as there does not appear to be a good category to ask this question.

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