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Referrer Spam Footprints | Serpscraper Guide
February 4, 2011

Here is how you can scrape for sites that have their referrers indexed.  This comes in useful when you want to increase the list I preloaded in the TLT! You can use SerpScraper for this – which I highly recommend! There are referrer spam footprints you can use to find the target sites: If there…

SEO Business Box: How To Cash in On The Digital Gold Rush
January 31, 2011

Local Businesses are drowning, YOU are the Life Vest with SEO Business Box Your neighbor’s local business is most likely going through a rough time. Like we all didn’t know that, right? Chances are your business is not as ‘up to snuff’ as you wish it were as well. Even if you have some success…

Social Acid Hits The SEO Scene With A Splash
January 30, 2011

Eat Up Your Competition With Social Acid There is a powerful new software that is about to hit the SEO world, and its name is Social Acid.  As one of those responsible for the release of Instant Social Anarchy, I can appreciate software that creates backlinks, social authority, and better search rankings.  Social Acid is…

SerpScraper Review | SerpScraper Coupon
January 30, 2011

  Scrapes Url’s from ALL Search Engines Fast! Ideal for tools like Xrumer, Autopligg, WordPressautomator and many more that need feeding target urls. Black Hat`s can find linkspam targets Domainers can trim to root level SEO`s can find PR rich link partners Sellers Can find affiliate partners This search engine scraping tool is perfect for…