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Referrer Spam Footprints | Serpscraper Guide
February 4, 2011

Here is how you can scrape for sites that have their referrers indexed.  This comes in useful when you want to increase the list I preloaded in the TLT! You can use SerpScraper for this – which I highly recommend! There are referrer spam footprints you can use to find the target sites: If there…

SerpScraper Review | SerpScraper Coupon
January 30, 2011

  Scrapes Url’s from ALL Search Engines Fast! Ideal for tools like Xrumer, Autopligg, WordPressautomator and many more that need feeding target urls. Black Hat`s can find linkspam targets Domainers can trim to root level SEO`s can find PR rich link partners Sellers Can find affiliate partners This search engine scraping tool is perfect for…

How To Promote Your Website With Autopligg | AutoPligg Coupon
January 24, 2011

AutoPligg Coupon “dotcomsecrets” Internet marketers are always looking for new tools to improve their marketing capability and with the advent of Autopligg they found a doozy. Autopligg is another excellent tool that competent internet marketers have taken a shine to. This particular tool performs a number of functions that up until its conception had been…

Instant Social Anarchy Tutorials
January 24, 2011

Instant Social Anarchy Tutorial We have a number of Instant Social Anarchy Tutorial Videos here for you to watch and get acquainted with your new software. Make sure you get Instant Social Anarchy with our link – send a copy of the receipt and you will get a copy of our TLT. Please follow these…