Affiliate Advice

Market Samurai And The Importance of Keyword Research
April 27, 2012

Market Samurai is one of the best keyword researching tools you will come across on the market today. Keyword researching is an important aspect of SEO and one that is far from overrated. Keyword researching is the heart of SEO and having the proper keywords can mean the difference between tons of relevant traffic and…

SEO Software
March 23, 2011

SEO Software: Stats Magic ** Tricks the search engines into ranking you higher Using Stats Magic allows you to fake traffic to your site which in turn makes the search engines think your site is popular.  Because of this the search engines will rank your site higher.  There’s a bunch of other cool features too that…

Premium WordPress Plugins
March 22, 2011

Premium WordPress  Plugins: WP VIDEO MAGIC – This premium wordpress plugin Used for getting any video on your site – or third party site indexed in the search engines.  Helps these videos show up in the search results Video marketing is becoming more and more important everyday.  The search engines love videos but the bots…

SEO Business Box: How To Cash in On The Digital Gold Rush
January 31, 2011

Local Businesses are drowning, YOU are the Life Vest with SEO Business Box Your neighbor’s local business is most likely going through a rough time. Like we all didn’t know that, right? Chances are your business is not as ‘up to snuff’ as you wish it were as well. Even if you have some success…