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Classified Balance Sheet ~ Help Preparing?
June 15, 2012

Which of the following information would be on a balance sheet? 6.025% Long-Term Note Payable (only long term portion) 230,000 Accounts Payable 220,000 Accounts Receivable 110,000 Accumulated Depreciation – Building & Equip 109,600 Allowance of Doubtful Accounts 5,800 Building and Equipment 400,000 Capital Stock 2$ par, Authorized 100,00 Shares 60,000 Cash on Hand 44,725 Cash…

Toying With 3 Ideas To Build Links ………….?
June 13, 2012

Hello, I had a few ideas that I’m looking for feedback on. I’m trying to come up with some ideas for link building. 1. I always see that there are tons of coupon websites out there. Hell, I never buy anything online without looking there first. So for those with an ecommerce site, how about…

Market Samurai And The Importance of Keyword Research
April 27, 2012

Market Samurai is one of the best keyword researching tools you will come across on the market today. Keyword researching is an important aspect of SEO and one that is far from overrated. Keyword researching is the heart of SEO and having the proper keywords can mean the difference between tons of relevant traffic and…

Do You Think This Is A Fair Salary?
April 17, 2012

I have been working for my company since October 2009. From October 2009 – June 2009 i was doing an apprenticeship with the company in business admin. I think my job title is Marketing Administrator and i do a lot of work that is your normal receptionist/admin type work. I do A LOT of website…